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Oh my goodness, I have not written in so, so, long!

Life got the best of me, things happening and I just had to break from certain things. I’m glad to be back.

Everyone has a purpose, a goal, objective, dream, to why they write.

Posts about finding your niche…

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Answer yourself this question:

“Why do you want to improve?”

Your answer can vary, but it probably involved something along the lines of:

  • I want to be better at…
  • I want to show my friends I am good at…
  • I want to get into a higher grade…
  • I want to…

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Highly efficient people do not procrastinate.

Instead, they have hobbies, side hustles, and interests, that do not conflict with their day-to-day operations.

If you are like the ordinary working person, you have procrastinated before, multiple times, okay, it’s a problem.

Everyone hates getting off-topic, the thought of wasting a whole…

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What exactly is a gym used for?

Well, it's a public place(sort of, have to pay membership) where people come to lift weights, get fit, or have their own personal training business.

I honestly believe the cleaners are the most important people at the gym, aside from the staff. …

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The fresh wind, the smell of native fauna, the dirt on your feet, and the feeling of losing your keys(multiple times), are some of the experiences of camping.

I love camping and everything about it. Yes, I love spending quality time on my computer and drink from my coffee fountain(coffee…

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I bet everyone would have something to say to their younger selves.

The mistakes I made years ago are the lessons I remember today. Without them, I wouldn’t be the person I would be today.

Speaking from my experience, I look back at my younger self and cringe a bit…

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Habits are weird.

They are something we do without even thinking or planning. Similar to a knee-jerk reaction, we act instinctively.

How can we utilize one productive habit to spark another? or another?

You always ask the right questions!

We need to first discuss what is a productive habit?


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I can speak for all of us and say, ‘We are all afraid of something or someone’.

I mean, I always say, I’m not afraid of spiders. But I still yell at my partner screaming “Ew. gross! …

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We all have a goal in mind.

Get a dream car, buy a new computer, bench a 100kg, run a marathon, etc.…

Those are examples of an end goal but requires smaller goals to make it possible. From now end goals are going to be called “Endgame”. Inspired by Marvel…

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I write about anything. Aiming to learn Spanish. Sharing is caring ❤

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